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Tips to Gain Momentum 

Meet Kristi

Executive Coach Kristi Mallory works with leaders who want to lead and succeed with empathy, competence, and resiliency. As the former vice president of her family’s multi-generational grease and industrial lubricant manufacturing business, Kristi understands group dynamics and the importance of having well-oiled systems in place. Her passion of more than 20 years for personal and organizational growth eventually led to coaching as a new career. In 2019, she became a Brené Brown Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator and in 2021 Kristi launched the first-ever Momentum for Women Program. Kristi’s clients say her leadership coaching is practical, engaging, and transformational. 

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching encourages high performing individuals to achieve peak performance in the workplace and beyond. Kristi applies a competence plus character model that builds on core strengths while uncovering growth themes that could be hampering results. Kristi provides structure and accountability to support the client in reaching their goals.

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