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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The Habit of Not Setting Limits

Many leaders today find themselves in a cycle of putting out fires with little time for anything else. Some have an open-door policy where the traffic flow is so heavy it keeps them from completing their daily tasks. Still, others are persuaded to sit in on meetings or take on extra job duties leaving them no time to accomplish their own to-do list.

Boundaries can be challenging to set and hard to keep, but they are one of the most vital skills to master. Developing the habit of setting boundaries is essential to how you connect and maintain separateness from those around you.

Four things to know about boundaries:

1. Have a clear understanding of what's in your control Find what you can control in any situation, relationship, or task, and stay in your lane.

2. Get comfortable with saying no. The more you flex your no, the easier it becomes.

3. Encourage the practice of questioning, exploring, and disagreeing

Instead of trying to win others over to your side, be curious and open to hearing what others have to say. Learn to respectfully state how your idea or opinion differs from someone else's. Validate others' ideas, even when you disagree.

4. Own Your Mistakes. Taking ownership of your choices allows you to make corrections when necessary, rather than generate excuses that tend to keep you stuck.

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