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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Habits of Fierce Independence

Independence and autonomy are essential qualities for anyone. So, where is the line between healthy independence and fierce independence? Fierce independence occurs in the absence of collaboration.

When an individual or team is detached or separated, that independence no longer serves the greater good.

The habit of fierce independence is challenging to break, so practice asking for what you need and being vulnerable. The antidote to fierce independence is asking for help.

I don't know of a single idea that doesn't benefit from another set of eyes and ears. The problem with being fiercely independent is being disconnected.

There are many reasons for disconnection. While this behavior might work for the short term, most find this tactic has an expiration date.

If operating alone is something you have been struggling with, give these strategies a try.

1. Build a Life Team

2. Get comfortable being vulnerable with the people on your team

3. Choose an accountability partner

4. Be Needy

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